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‘These bright, tuneful works will no doubt capture the beginner’s imagination whilst supporting constant progress.’
Melanie Spanswick. Read full review here

‘The name is perfect for this book!’
Jennifer Foxx, Read full review here

‘These are lovely for families to play or for teacher and student together.’
Gail Fischler, Read full review here

‘They are different than most of the easier duet books I’ve seen and the teacher parts are lovely.’
Virginia carpenter, Piano teacher, US

‘This is a really lovely duet book for beginners – highly recommended.’
Lorraine Liyanage, Piano Teacher and Director of the Dulwich Music Festival

‘Excellent Book!’
David Barton, Music Teacher, Lichfield

‘If you have any interest in learning piano/keyboard this book is great. Learn by playing with another player or just having fun with a friend.’
James Smith, Director of JSArts Music Workshops

‘These were lovely and helped my pupils enjoy making music together without being too tricky! Great fun!’
Rachel Cross, Piano Teacher, Weston -super-Mare

‘Musical and Inspiring’
‘If you have to be a piano teacher, you need an array of weapons to enthuse your students, especially once the initial joys of tackling a new instrument have waned. I’ve found that one of the best things is making music with another player. Unfortunately, when you’re just beginning the piano, and can play only C,D,E,F and G, the opportunities are limited. In steps Rosamund Conrad with her inspiring book of duets. They have been skillfully written so beginners can easily learn them, while giving them a real incentive to embed the knowledge that you as teacher have been trying to hammer in. They are of sufficient length and variety to keep the attention, while parents, who smile fixedly through a solo performance of Mary Had A Little Lamb, show genuine interest (not to say relief) at having their child make real music. Even better: the second part is not too difficult for it to be in reach of those same students within a reasonably short time of learning. Bravo!’
Micheal Mappin, piano Teacher, UK ( review)

‘My pupils love it!!!’
‘Having recently purchased this book, my beginner piano students have been getting very excited over these duets. Both hands are in unison and it is great to finally find some easy piano duets that really are ‘easy’ as labelled. The pieces also sound great and the children love that they are contributing to “real songs”. ‘Breeze’ is among their favourites so far, and is giving them something fun to play alongside their first exam pieces. I would definitely recommend this book for young beginners. Thank you Rosamund.’
Victoria Ellam, piano Teacher, UK ( review)

‘This book fills a much-needed gap in the market for beginner duets – not just beginners as in those approaching Grade One, but beginners who really are just starting out. The simple, but tuneful pieces are appealing to children and adults alike and develop important skills in the early stages, particularly in the recognition of patterns. Looking forward to Book Two!’ review

Fun, Games and Party Pieces is intended for the young solo pianist. It is designed to be used alongside other piano tutor methods, adding more interest and variety to lessons. The composer, Rosa Conrad, has added a myriad of imaginative ways to learn pieces, and there are important elements such as learning about the major and minor, modes, the pentatonic scale, improvisation and the Twelve Bar Blues structure. They are presented in a way which is easy to grasp, and pupils are encouraged to explore, with plenty of experimentation. I like the illustrations too, which are by Catherine Eley.
Melanie Spanswick