Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 09.04.56I have been teaching privately in west London since 2000, while I was studying for my Postgraduate Certificate. I was always being asked, so finally took the plunge and started giving piano lessons. I found one-to-one teaching to be extremely rewarding, fascinating and enjoyable. I had found my vocation.

The lessons I give are extremely varied, each one tailored to the student. Some students are interested in classical pieces and take exams, others learn completely by ear, learning songs by the chords, in a more jazz-orientated way. Some learn both approaches. Whichever style they learn, I make sure the student understands the language of the building-blocks of music from the beginning; the theory of what they are playing so that they can understand it, and improvise.

I have piano, ukulele and guitar students. Many of the lessons involve more than one of these instruments, and some an amount of voice coaching as well. I have a wide age-range of students, literally from age 5 up to age 93!Screen Shot 2015-12-03 at 09.05.15

I often write music specifically for pupils, and if a student wishes to learn a particular song or piece of music, I work out exactly the right chords and notes by listening, and then teach it to them. In my experience, other people’s transcriptions of popular music on the internet and even in published books cannot be relied upon! Also this enables me to tailor the music to suit the abilities of the student.​

These transcriptions then become part of a pool of resources which all my students can access online.
We hold a ‘Big Fat Music Party’ three times a year, which is always great fun, giving the students chance to try things out in front of an audience, hear others play and be inspired. There is collaboration between students, sing-alongs, and we always end proceedings with an unholy jam (followed by food, some of which may contain jam, religious or otherwise).

I teach beginners and intermediate ukulele courses with Tricity Vogue at the Indytute.