Plain Sailing: from Easy Piano Duets: Book 2


Plain Sailing

This duet has proved to be a big hit with teachers! I wrote it for a mother and daughter; the mum already played piano, the daughter was struggling with reading anything with more than a three note range.

Plain Sailing gave her confidence that reading music was something she could do, and that it’s nothing to be scared of. The payback for a little bit of reading here, is being able to make a great sound with your duet partner. Funny how this little tune, the simplest of all is one of the most gorgeous when played together.

This digital download is meant for a single printout. If you are a teacher and wish to use the piece with more than one student, please direct your students (or student’s parents) to this site for them to download their own copy, or purchase again and have them reimburse you.

For unlimited printouts, you can purchase a studio copy of the book here.

The PDF is yours alone. You are not permitted to send it digitally to anyone.

Thank you for supporting an independent composer.

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Plain Sailing: from Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Book 2
Rosa Conrad

This item is a digital copy of a single piece. This piece is not available to buy as a physical product individually but is contained within Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Book 2.

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