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Fun, Games and Party Pieces: Beginner Piano


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Product Description

Fun, Games and Party Pieces: Beginner Piano
Composed by Rosa Conrad

“A myriad of imaginative ways to learn pieces.”
– Melanie Spanswick

A book all about understanding and having fun with music, right from the start.

‘Fun, Games and Party Pieces’ is designed to be used with a teacher, alongside beginner methods as an extra source of fun and interest.

There are so many elements in music which can enthuse and capture a student’s imagination. These can be explored right from the beginning. You don’t have to wait till you have mastered an instrument to enjoy discovering how music is put together.

Elements such as major and minor, modes, the pentatonic scale, improvisation and the Twelve Bar Blues structure are all featured in this book, in a way which is easy to grasp and make sense of.

There are suggestions of ways in which to play these tunes. I hope these suggestions will inspire the students and teachers who use this book to make their own versions, and encourage them to approach written music in a flexible and creative way.

Tap a rhythm on the piano. Play chords. Try tunes in a different octave, key or dynamic. Make your own variations on a tune. Play with friends and swap over. Play things in different ways and have fun!


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