Allegro: from Easy Piano Duets: Book 1


Allegro  has an upbeat, sunny feel, with a bit of an echo game going on between the two parts.

These duets were written specifically for maximum ease, and this one is particularly easy for the intermediate secondo part.

The beginner’s part is always in unison throughout the two books, so that the beginner can experience coordination between the two hands without having to think of two different ideas at once. In Allegro, the intermediate part gets to play with both hands in unison too, so they can relax and enjoy the interplay between the two parts.

There is a faster rhythmic figure which gets passed between the players, which always has a crescendo and diminuendo. I would advise players to see if they can outdo each other on these swells of dynamic. And don’t pause at the end of the lines. Think ahead and keep going!

This digital download is meant for a single printout. If you are a teacher and wish to use the piece with more than one student, please direct your students (or student’s parents) to this site for them to download their own copy, or purchase again and have them reimburse you.

For unlimited printouts, you can purchase a studio copy of the book here.

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Allegro: from Delightfully Easy Piano Duets: Book 1
Rosa Conrad

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