“My Pupils have all sat down, played them and smiled.” Music Teacher Magazine

Playing duets is a great way to learn the piano. The learner experiences making music with another person, which forces them to listen and become aware of more than their own part. It helps enormously with note reading, which requires you to think ahead and possibly the most important lesson you need in music – to keep going.

PianoDuets - large (3)Playing duets allows the learner to feel they are making a big sound and creating real music.

​With dead easy duets, and I mean dead easy, all this is possible right from the start.

These duets were born out of my needing more for my lessons and not finding many truly easy, yet enjoyable piano duets out there.

Even though they are in a range of keys, in each duet the beginner never needs to move their hands. They use only very simple rhythmic patterns, as rhythm can often be the most difficult part of note reading. And no matter the key, there are no sharps or flats for the beginner.

The more advanced part I have tried to keep nice and simple, and quick to grasp the gist of so the intermediate player can easily keep an eye on what the beginner is playing. I have tried to make the page turns (when they occur) as easy as possible.

The duets are not specifically geared to any age group, and in my lessons they have been enjoyed by pupils from aged five up to ninety-five.